Why Moodstories

MoodStories is a full suite survey solution for employee engagement in real-time


4 Good Reasons to Choose MoodStories

Life is too short for workplaces with unhappy employees. Employees with a lack of engagement become sick, stressed and ineffective. We want to cope with that. Since we spend most of our waking hours at work, it makes sense for work to be fun. High job satisfaction and healthy relationships are the biggest factors for a good quality of life. This is where MoodStories comes in, as we focus on facilitating engaged and happy employees.

Reason 01

Hear you employees stories

With MoodStories you say goodbye to static, inflexible measurements and hello to a full suite survey solution, including pulse-, eNPS- and engagement surveys in real-time.

Traditionally, companies perform static engagement measurements once a year, but MoodStories allows you to take the everyday pulse of your organisation. This enables managers and teams to react fast and interact with colleagues, to give relevant feedback and increase engagement at work.

Reason 02

Encourage employees to participate

MoodStories is designed with the employees in mind. With MoodStories employees want to participate because they are involved in a fun, relevant and motivating way.

To accommodate today’s expectations of digital pace and convenience, MoodStories has created a seamless user experience where employee engagement is secured through gamification.

Reason 03

Become up-to-date on regulations to stay compliant

Technologically, MoodStories is easy to implement. However, as part of the implementation, we also ensure that employees and managers feel well-dressed to use MoodStories.

This is ensured through high involvement and a good introduction to formulating purposes, goals and feedback procedures. Afterwards, we follow up on the implementation and ensure that your company gets the maximum value from the solution.

Reason 4

Always be ready to handle critical situations

MoodStories empowers local teams to take the right actions ‘here and now’, to keep valuable talents and to foster better performance.

With the help of MoodStories you increase employee engagement and the net result is compelling: An increase in productivity and customer satisfaction, and a decrease in the number of sick days and staff turnover.

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