“The MoodStories App ensures that our well-being at work stay on the agenda every week”
– Director of Human Resources, BNP

Lift your employee engagement, productivity and retention

Hear the stories, know the mood

Great leadership and succesfull people management starts with knowing if your employees are thriving at your workplace. We make it possible for you to take the pulse of your organisation with our surveys!

Participate, interact, encourage

Unengaging static surveys result in low answer-rates or half-hearted answers. To drive high participation MoodStories is built with Social Features making it fun and easy to participate, interact and encourage!

Take action on the mood

Feedback is great, but what is more important is using the information to improve your organisation. We give you tools to act fast, and services that actively can increase employee engagement and retention.

Fulfill compliance requirements

Well-driven organisations need to be on top of laws and regulations. At MoodStories we also supply compliance solutions!

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What is new at MoodStories?​

Hear about customer stories, new features, events and much more!

Have continuous dialogue with your employees – just like BNP Paribas Personal Finance

New legal requirements about whistleblowing – MoodStories can be your new whistleblowing-solution!

MoodStories can proudly present the new feature MoodCall!

Mehmet fik et digitalt værktøj, der gjorde ham i stand til at holde på medarbejderne


We ensure your data is protected

MoodStories is GDPR compliant and we guarantee a secure administration of your data by having:

  • Secure and crypted data
  • Penetration tested servers
  • 100% anonymous user-data
  • Operative surveillance during office hours

You also have full rights of your data at all times.

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