Do your employees have a safe and anonymous way to report if they experience law breaches or harassment in the company?

MoodStories offers a whole new feature in relation to whistleblowing – and supports the changes of the whistleblowing regulations as of December 17, 2021.

For only 10 DKK pr. employee our MoodStories WB-solution can make it possible for you to ensure 100% reporting anonymity and guarantee a safe data process.

 The MoodStories WB-solution provides you:

– An app with a user-friendly interface, a double validation process, an encrypted reporting function

– On-going inquiries on employee’s commitment and observed violations

– Web-based reporting

– Telephone hotline

– Impartial supervision of encrypted and anonymous data

The MoodStories WB-solution does not require any demands to your existing or future IT-systems.

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Have continuous dialogue with your employees

– just like BNP Paribas Personal Finance  

It can be a challenge to keep close contact with your colleagues and your employees during busy days at the office. But too little dialogue and feedback on employee engagement can quickly effect their satisfaction. BNP Paribas Personal Finance have solved this problem by using MoodStories. At BNP Paribas Personal Finance there is now frequent and continuous dialogue about how to better employee satisfaction and well-being. This has resulted in high engagement amongst the employees. Get to know more about the case by watching this video. 

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Engaged employees with high job satisfaction are good for companies’ bottom line.

And there are significant gains

After just three months of focus on employee engagement, you can expect the following results:
Increased Productivity
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Lower Staff Turnover
Fewer Sick Days

Source: Gallup

MoodStories helps you create similar results in your company

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MoodStories offers what the traditional surveys are missing

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With MoodStories you get real-time data on a highly versatile platform, facilitating both pulse, loyalty (eNPS) and engagement surveys as well as endorsements and fun gamification features.


MoodStories also includes endorsements and  fun gamification features.

This is What Our Customers Say:

“Knowing that you’ve done something amazing is something that motivates all people, whether motivation comes from the top, bottom or side of the organization”

– Jesper Abildgaard, General Manager, Estée Lauder Nordic

“Two years were too long to wait for feedback from our employees. By using MoodStories we get a very honest answer about our employees’ well-being every other week.”

– Jorge Boldroni, CEO, Novartis, Alcon Nordic

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